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Do you want to buy or rent the appropriate property in a short time and at the right price; Learn why you should choose us for your find.

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A. Identify the appropriate property
  • Large real estate portfolio.
  • Our Office has a large "Database" of properties in the regions of interest.
  • Due to the cooperation of our office with selected professionals of Real Estate, can you provide a more detailed property basis to identify precisely what suits you.
  • Moreover, our experts will, record daily all available properties of the regions where we operate.
  • Direct recording of your needs.
  • Recording and registering your needs (inquiry criterial), the automatic cross reference system will bring us and our proposed the properties which matching perfectly to your needs.
  • We will send you an informative newsletter (letter) with some of the properties should indicate to you.
B. Presentation of suitable real estate
  • Estate presentations.
  • We organize the appropriately appointment in your free time.
  • We inform you by e-mail or SMS for all planned estate viewings you care about.
  • We present reliably and in detail each property. We emphasize the strengths and possible weak points and characteristics of the property.
  • Manage your offers, for the property you are interested. We negotiate with the owner for your offer.

C. Additional services we offer

Automatically information with e-mail & SMS.
Every time you enter a new property in real estate database of our Office and which suits your requirements, you will be told first by e-mail or SMS.

Automatically information for all of our partners.
By registering your request, our partners with the automatic update system, it will informs each partner of our Office.
Anyone from our partners who has property/ies that matches your requirements, adds it to the "List of the proposed" property for you in order to offer the most pluralistic proposal to most advantageous selection.

Cross reference properties with cooperating professionals.
Collaborations Platform (Share platform) available in our office by entering your inquire, we can directly, to identify properties with our professional brokers in order to identify the most ideal properties for you.

Fill in here, the form with your details and characteristics of the property you are looking to buy or to rent and soon one of our expert partners, we will contact you.

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